Mackenzie Thorpe

Makenzie Thorpe was born and grew up in the Northern industrial city of Middlesborough in the UK, during a time of economic difficulties. Although he struggled at school, due to his dyslexia, he was able to find comfort in his artistic ability drawing and painting at every opportunity.

Through his art he expresses the complete spectrum of human emotions, the importance of self reflection and reliance, individual triumphs and disappointments and special bonds of love and friendship.

His underlying passion is to help create a better world in which we can all exist and where our children will have a happier life. The serious side of his nature and his practical understanding of the difficulties of life, are often expressed in his paintings concerning man’s seemingly futile existence and struggle to come to terms with his lot.

His brilliant use of colour, simplistic design of animals as well as people in his paintings often depict very meaningful and poignant moments in all our lives.